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Real Estate Course in Kolkata: Why Should You Study?

Land is the most sacred finite natural resource we have. We cannot produce more land. Whether a person purchases his first home making payment for a plot of land or a business investing in commercial property, every transaction requires the help of a professional to make it successful. There are many legal procedures in such transactions, which need to be navigated successfully. Thus, one needs a real estate professional for smooth transfer of ownership of property and land between seller and buyer.

Students looking for a fast-paced, fulfilling and challenging career where they will learn everyday and help people fulfil their dreams must study real estate. Real estate industry is a very progressive industry that offers diverse job options and supports huge number of jobs. Aspirants willing to pursue a career in this industry, should acquire a real estate degree. The course of study will provide skills and knowledge required to prosper in career.

Why study real estate?

  • High Demand of Real Estate Professionals

Investing in BBA real estate management will surely be paid off because trained and qualified real estate professionals have high demand in the market. Statistics have shown that employment growth of real estate sales agents and brokers is faster than other occupations. As property value fluctuates and changes with the trend of market growth, employers look for talented and motivated real estate professionals.

  • Salary and Job Outlook

Graduates with real estate degrees can achieve success in various kinds of potential jobs apart from corporate real estate finance, property managers, real estate developers, real estate agents, brokers and so on. Salaries of job roles in different positions vary according to experience, skill, degree, level and training of the aspirant.

  • Gaining Knowledge and Legal Protection

Real estate industry requires a professional to have working knowledge about the best practices and legality of purchases and sales of property. Since real estate professionals conduct the whole transaction process, he should know to protect himself, his clients and his company from any kind of lawsuit. In real estate degree, taxes and property laws are crucial courses about which an aspirant acquires knowledge. Also, in a good real estate course, aspirants also learn about green and sustainable practices in the real estate sector.The need for sustainability has given rise to the development of more green buildings in the urban areas and thus, knowledge about green practices are highly preferred by the real estate companies at present. The BBA real estate management is the foundation with the help of which an aspirant can enter any sector of this industry.

Moreover, real estate sector provides ample flexibility – one can work independently according to his choice of working hours. A real estate agent is the only person who will decide the way of managing priorities and time.

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