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Here at iLEAD, inclusivity is one of the prime principles that we follow and believe in at the iLEAD campus. If everyone has freedom as their birthright, they should have the right to belong as well. The sense of belongingness is essential, one should feel like they’re at a place where they belong, they are wanted, they are loved and they are valued. A healthy and positive environment, kind, co-operative and friendly teachers, bosses, staff and friends is what we all often look for and iLEAD ensures that every student, staff and employee gets exactly that in our campus. People from various cultures, ethnicity and minority communities are warmly welcomed at iLEAD and treated with utmost respect.

Diversion | Inclusion | Belonging

Because where everyone is included, everyone wins


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Female Students


Ethnic Backgrounds


Students from Minority Communities

We at iLEAD believe that respect and opportunities are not subjected to one’s color, caste or creed;
They are what one earns from their dedication and deed.

– Pradip Chopra
Chairman, iLEAD

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