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About Sports

Keeping one’s body healthy and fit is as important as keeping one’s mind active. For an institute like iLEAD where the goal is not just the academic nourishment of a student but the overall growth and development, sports is said to be an integral part of the same. For all the flourishing sports personnel, fitness freaks or just enthusiasts in general, iLEAD offers a variety of sports options for the students. Two astro-turfs (one in the main campus and another in the second campus) are built-in its infrastructure to allow students access to the space where they can play out any sport to their heart’s desire. Some of the outdoor games that can be played are cricket, basketball, football, kabaddi, tennis, badminton, etc. There’s also a separate pool room in the campus and most of the indoor games like pool, carrom, chess, table tennis, etc. can also be played by the students at their will and during their spare time with their friends.

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