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B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology in Kolkata: Why Should You Study?

You have recently cleared your higher secondary examination in the science field and now want to pursue your bachelor's degree. But are confused about which subject would be better? Well, if you have a passion for laboratory and technology, doing a B.Sc course on Medical Lab Technology (MLT) may not be a bad idea. There are many top institutes in Kolkata that offer B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology (MLT). So what is MLT? Why should you study it?

What is B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)?

B.Sc Medical Lab Technology (MLT) is a bachelor's degree course of 3 years which is divided into 6 semesters. The course is also known as clinical laboratory science in the allied health sciences. The course offers training on various tasks related to human health, like treatment and diagnosis. It is a practical and theoretical based course that tells you how to prevent any diseases with clinical methods and laboratory tests. Students in this field get to try out different medical technologies like X-rays, pathology, lab tests etc. They also get exposed to how to collect body fluid samples and blood samples and how to test them. The course also gives a brief understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

How to get a chance in B.Sc Medical Lab Technology?

To get a chance in the B.Sc Medical Lab Technology course Kolkata, there are a few criteria that students have to match. These are as follows:

  • Students need to have at least 55% marks in their higher secondary examination.
  • iLEADprovides the opportunity of admission based on students' merit and a personal interview conducted with the student.

Scope of MLT

Students who are pursuing in MLT have many opportunities for building their careers in Clinical laboratories. There are many scopes available for them after graduating from the Medical Lab Technology Course Kolkata. After completing this course, they can go for higher education, which is doing in MLT. However, there are other job opportunities in this area. Here are some of the job opportunities that lie ahead in this area:

  • Pathology Technicians
  • Lab Assistant
  • Lab Analyst
  • Lab Supervisors
  • R&D Lab Assistant
  • Lab Instructor
  • Junior Technical Executive and more

Plus, there are many public and private sectors that hire professional Laboratory Technicians for testing. The post-Covid era has given a new horizon to the healthcare industry. Medical Lab technicians, in this day and age, is one of the most demanding job postings. That's why today, there are more job opportunities for students in MLT. You may also start your own lab consultancy service or diagnostic centre and become an entrepreneur after the completion of the course.

Why study B.Sc MLT in iLEAD?

Students who have a passion for the medical field should get admission to B.Sc MLT. iLEAD offers this 3 years undergraduate course of B.Sc MLT under Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT)and help students pursue their dreams in the medical field. Our course is offered in association with RB Diagnostics that gives practical exposure to students in real lab environment. This course gives opportunities to learn and hone professional skills that are required in the real world.

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