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Workshop on Wildlife Management, Filmmaking and Photography

Event Date:

November 1, 2017

iLEAD's Department of Media Studies organized a workshop on Wildlife Management, Filmmaking and Photography for the students to sharpen their skills of Nature and Wildlife Photography. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Ganesh Chowdhury who is an iconic name in Indian Wildlife Photography scene. He is also a well known naturalist and freelance photographer for channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet and BBC. He also got the golden opportunity of working on several documentaries and is also involved in wildlife expeditions.

The workshop was ideated by Mrs. Subha Das Mollick (Faculty of Media Studies) and coordinated by Mr Sourav Mukherjee and Mr Archan Mitra (Faculty Media Studies) and Sinjini Ghosh (Academic Coordinator). The workshop was an exposure for students to understand the techniques of photography of wildlife and nature.

Mr. Ganesh Chowdhury was born in Nadia District and with a keen interest in nature and animals he also captured the biodiversity of Nayachar through his photographs. The pictures shown during the session included Bee Eater, Blue Tail Bee Eater, and Venomous Snake like King Cobra, Many Banded Krait, Spur Winged Lapwing and many more. He even told fascinating stories about the creatures he had photographed like how a Female Bee Eater chooses her mate, how several species of birds like Kingfisher and Skylark make their nests and much more. The pictures shown during the session included different postures of Dragon Fly, Jackals, Dolphins and variety of insects. Mr. Chowdhury, said that one does not need a very rich academic background or digital camera to be a good wildlife photographer. The passion inside an individual for exploring and loving nature and animals is the main thing required to become a successful nature observer. He concluded by mentioning the importance of animals in the eco-system and the need for spreading awareness about the conservation of species.

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