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Workshop on Fashion Photography

Event Date:

September 25, 2023

On September 25th 2023, The Film and Television Department in collaboration with the Fashion and Interior department organized a workshop on Fashion Photography, for budding photographers from the Film and Television department. Mr. Shubham Paul, guided the students, making it a perfect mix of creativity and technical know-how.

The workshop had two main parts. First, students learned all about light. They discovered how to use different tools to change and shape light, how to set up lights in a studio, and the subtle tricks that make fashion photos look amazing.

In the second part, practical learning was involved. Students got their hands on all sorts of light sources and had the chance to practice with them. Fashion models from the Fashion Department joined in, becoming the beautiful subjects of the students' fashion photos. It was all about experimenting with light to create stunning portraits.

This workshop was like a magical blend of creativity and technical skills. Students got to learn and create together. Thanks to Mr. Shubham Paul's guidance, it was an unforgettable journey into the world of fashion photography.

This workshop will stay in the students’ minds as a very special journey into the world of visual arts.

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