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VAMRR Immersive 3D and VR Summit

Event Date:

June 24, 2017

Virtual Reality entails presenting our senses with a computer generated virtual environment that we can explore. VAMRR (Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality Ecosystem) Immersive 3D and VR Summit took place at iLEAD on 24th June where the audience was presented with a comprehensive idea about the future of Virtual Reality. Mr. Anand Gurnani (Founder, VAMRR), started the session with highlighting on the progress of communication in every age (stone, medieval, industrial, information & immersive), referring how communication and expression has changed over the ages.
He pointed how there has been an exponential increase in every sphere of communication, also talking of parallel personality in this immersive age. According to him, a person can have separate avatars and work in multiple places at the same time. He then invited Mr. Sasikumar R (Sr. Solutions Architect, Nvidia) to talk more about the transforming Professional VR who explained the relationship between Hardware and Software and the configurations needed for a perfect VR situation. He also explained IRay VR and how brain experiences the same thing in VR, as it does in reality. Claiming that Nvidia's IRay VR is one of the best software modes, he told everyone how 5000 images stitched together create panorama of Mount Everest, all using IRay VR. He told the attendees that a new HQ of IRAY VR is being made in Santa Clara.

Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya (Founder and CEO, Virtualinfocom) then talked of VR and its use in movies like Transformers, The Last Knight and Batman VS. Superman. He also explained the challenges faced in VR stitching and editing. The next speaker was Rakesh S Patil (Head of Production, Eighty Eight Pictures Media & Entertainment), who talked of working on Penguins of the Madagascar and Troll Hunters (currently running Kids show on Netflix) as he dictated the workings of an editing software.
Mr. Samir Mukherjee (COO, Techno India Group), Mr. Alip Saha (Co-founder, Axis3D Studio), Mr. Dipayan Banerjee (Director & CEO, Anthelion Technology), Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya and Mr. Anand Gurnani then took part in a Panel Discussion over 3D effects and Virtual Reality which made a comparison between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the conclusion of which was that Augmented Reality needs a base, the presence of something physical but Virtual Reality is independent of all physical factors. It is completely fictional.

Thereafter, Mr. Kaushik Shaw (Regional Market Development Manager, HP) explained the role of HP towards VR, their hardware and why ecosystem is so important with the end users being benefitted. He also told that immersive technology was tried in PVR, Noida and is going to be replicated in other cities which have PVR Cineplex. He further added that the maximum limit to use a VR headset is 15 minutes at a stretch.

After the tea-break, Mr. Arnav Ghosh (Managing Director, Blippar India) explained the Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality which was somehow introduced to the audience in the Panel Discussion. He explained how The Realities Spectrum functions and the Mapping Use cases in it.
Then Mr. Samir Mukherjee (COO, Techno India Group) addressed the audience and described how the whole industry is slowly moving towards using VR in their workings.

Next was a special session by Mr. Manojit Mitra (VR Film Maker), Ms. Srijla Guha, Ms. Srabanti Chatterjee, Ms. Priyanka (Actress), Mr. Ranajoy Bishnu (Actor) where they talked of the Virtual Reality and it's usage in film industry. The demand of the audiences was also discussed here. Finally, the session came to an end with the closing remarks and Vote of thanks by Mr. Anand Gurnani.

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