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Time Management Workshop at iLEAD_IMG_9785

Time Management Workshop at iLEAD

Event Date:

May 24, 2017

"From the richest to the poorest if there is one thing limited for everyone then that is the 24 hour time span," said iLEAD Chairman, Mr. Pradip Chopra at the Time Management Workshop which was hosted at iLEAD for its employees. It is very important to plan our day beforehand. In a schedule one must be stern and wise enough to understand the difference between Urgent, Important and Ordinary and the most efficient person is the one who has only important things in his list. From organizing our workplace to focusing on things which are important, everything matters for an individual who wants to be efficient and not just effective and do right things at the right time. Mr. Chopra unlocked some more points like every loss can be substituted but one must understand how to value and not waste the other person's time.

From having gifts ready for various occasions, to correct ways of packing travel bags and keeping a kitchen well stocked for entire weeks, Mr. Chopra suggested all sorts of tips to manage time. It is also very important to understand that our goals should be practical and also the daily schedule should have adjustment spaces in between.

Urgency of something does not mean that it is important. Finishing some appointments over phone, confirming face to face appointments before the meetings and researching about a place before planning for a vacation were also suggestions made by Mr. Chopra in the workshop.

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