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Theatre Training For Children at iLEAD

Event Date:

May 28, 2019

iLEAD hosted the 'Young Monks Theatre Training For Children' from May 28th to June 4th 2019 at the iLEAD Auditorium. Children from the age of 5 to 16 took part in the training that was organized as a summer camp program.

The intensive theatre summer camp introduced the children to the world of theatre and acting. Along with many theatre exercises and games, sessions were also conducted on mind-body control, body posture, speech and voice.

The Chief Facilitator, Raja Chakraborty, an accomplished film and theatre actor and also an alumnus of National School of Drama, conducted the sessions. He has led United Nations Projects which have used theatre as a tool for social development. He also has worked extensively in children's theatre.

Children in the theatre training were taught to work on different expressions, imaginations and voice modulation. They also took part in space games, team management programs, trust game, leadership game, mirror game, drama and much more.

The theatre training was oriented towards spreading awareness about preserving the nature among the children and also about the importance of a healthier life and prudent use of technology.

The students by the end of the summer camp also independently performed on the stage in front of an audience.

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