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The Grand Launch of iLEAD Academy

Event Date:

January 4, 2024

iLEAD Academy, the much-anticipated executive education division of the renowned Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, And Development (iLEAD), celebrated its grand inauguration on January 4th, 2024, at the iLEAD Campus in Kolkata.
iLEAD Academy is poised to empower lifelong learners, focusing on sectors such as hospitality, lifestyle, tourism, and more. The academy offers curated courses designed to meet the unique needs of organizations, driving employee productivity, creating future leaders, and crafting customized learning journeys.
The grand inauguration witnessed the launch of five professional diploma courses that will be conducted in association with esteemed industry partners: Real Estate Management in association with PS Group, Sports Management in association with Protouch Sports, AI Integrated Digital Marketing Management in association with Eleven INC, Investment Management in association with IIRWM, and Tea Management in association with Tea Vision Trust.
    Distinguished dignitaries from relevant fields embraced panel discussions. The esteemed panelists for the day include:
  • Mr. Pradip Chopra (Chairman, PS Group and iLEAD)
  • Mr. Arun Narain Singh (Founder, Tea Vision Trust)
  • Mr. Ashok Bhargava (CEO, Tea Vision Trust)
  • Mr. Ashok Bhargava (CEO, Tea Vision Trust)
  • Mr. Ashok Bhargava (CEO, Tea Vision Trust)
  • Mr. Tapas Saha (Professor, Corporate Trainer, and Domain Expert for Financial Planning and Wealth Management)
  • Mr. Hemant Mediratta (Founder, One Rep Global)
  • Mr. Rummy Anand (Managing Director of HMC, the moderator of the session)
  • Mr. P K Bhattacharjee (Secretary General, Tea Association of India)
  • Mr. Gourav Poddar (Chairman, Limtex Tea Ltd.)
  • Mr. Atul Asthana (Managing Director & CEO, Goodricke Group Ltd)
  • Mr. Pranjal Neogi (HR Head, Goodricke Group Ltd)
  • Mr. Dev Thapa (Former Director, Assam Tea Company and Faculty iLEAD Academy)
  • Mr. Arijit Raha (Secretary General, Tea Association of India)
  • Mr. Joydeep Phukan (Secretary, Tea Research Association)
  • Dr. Biswajit Bera (Former Research Director, Tea Board of India)
Also, MOUs were signed between iLEAD Academy and the industry partners followed by a highly anticipated press conference. Questions from the audience and the press were addressed by the panel members and distinguished dignitaries present at the inaugural event.
Mr. Rummy Anand started the panel discussion discussing the journey of iLEAD since its inception along with appreciation for forming iLEAD Academy for delivering advanced professional learning.
Mr. Chopra said, “Every organization needs to become a learning organization. Industry and academia must have close partnership. Once we reach that close partnership, nothing can stop us”.
Mr. Hemant Mediratta shared his thoughts too on creating a bridge between academia and industries. “Academia is working in isolation whereas industries are moving at a very high pace. Ultimately, we want to foster an environment of learning and development. At student level it's done in colleges, at corporate level it's done in executive education”, he said.
Mr. Bhalotia discussed the role of technology in sports in the recent era, and also stressed how the sudden hit of the pandemic made us all think about our health through sports. Mr. Tapas Saha explained the relevance of the offered courses and asked the individuals to go through continuous learning process to sustain in this dynamic and challenging industry.
Mr. Arun Narain Singh discussed Tea Vision Trust's commitment to produce future leaders in specific industries, emphasizing their goal of providing trained professionals for the sector. Mr. P.K. Bhattarcharjee and Mr. Gaurav Poddar spoke about advent of new technology like AI and how to incorporate these new technologies and practices to create an impact in the tea industry. Mr. Ashok Bhargava also spoke on how the courses are going to impact individuals and corporations.
iLEAD Academy is a gateway to unparalleled opportunities to learn, upskill or reskill yourself. It aims to provide dynamic, industry-relevant education, driven by a passion to empower individuals for success in a rapidly evolving world.

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