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Talk session on Aesthetics of Media and Sadharanikaran

Event Date:

August 27, 2018

iLEAD conducted a talk session on Media Aesthetics and Indian Communication Theory of Sadharanikaran. The session was taken by Mr.Kapil Kumar Bhattacharya, a scholar whose research deals with Natyashastra as a communication treatise. He is also a scholar and authority on History of Indian Communication.

Some of the ancient Indian treatises that he mentioned are Natyashastra, Vakapadyam, and Astyadhyayi. The Indian communication theories which laid the foundation of advanced study of communication are – Rasa, Dhwani and Sadharanikaran.

He also emphasized on some core principles like:

 Theory of Commonness Through Simplification

 Importance of Stability of Mind

Rasa is the aesthetic enjoyment derived from an ideal communication.

And the five tenets of Sadharanikaran which include:

 Communicating as per the Mental acquiring capability of the listeners

 Arousing the Rasa of the Listener

 Sustainability of Aesthetic Delight

 Mutual sharing of Communication

 Decoding the elements of Sadharanikaran

The session also enlightened the audience on the Art of Visual Depiction.

The session ended with a comprehensive view of on the iconic contribution of Indian Aesthetics in developing perspectives of communication.

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