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Sharing the Mission

Event Date:

September 27, 2018

The afternoon of 27th September witnessed Mr Ashish Sharma, an inspiration who with the Indian flag in hand drew attention from hundreds of students. A dreamer and someone who has been in the news recently, he dreams of a child beggar free India. In order to make that dream a reality he has already traversed 17000 kms, 28 states, 7 union territories on foot meeting and inspiring people. It has been 13 months and 7 days that he has been travelling.

His session at iLEAD auditorium was not to promote any cause but a battle cry to each and every youth to make India a problem free nation. Living on simplest means Mr Sharma quit his job and left everything that a young man desires like home, money and family to embark on a mission. After his short stint in the field of mechanical engineering, he started his journey in August last year, on foot, with the values of sacrifice and selfless work. He vows to complete the dream of late APJ Abdul Kalam – “every child should go to school by 2020.” Tying up with NGOs, IAS and IPS officers from all over the nation he has rescued children from begging, the traps of beggar mafias, kidnapping, drug abuse and much more. According to him 5 lakh kids get kidnapped daily. With more than 32 lakh NGOs across the country after every 5km there are multiple problems that plague the future of the country ranging from pollution to trafficking and drugs.

He was suffering from jaundice, during the time of his visit to iLEAD but that does not affect him and neither does climate or any other excuses or problems. Selfless work and sacrifice is the secret of his high energy. The issue of Hygiene is one of the most complicated problems in the country among the 19 problems of the country he aims to solve within a timeline. For this he needs support from the youth. He requested everyone to walk for 2kms daily and not to give any penny to the beggars because most of them are trapped by mafias who get 87% of the profits reaped. His mission is to uproot this vicious nexus. He is also planning on creating 2 room schools in every railway station of the country for education of the underprivileged children. Mr. Sharma said that, willpower, courage and patience are the three mantras for success in these endeavours. He has walked for 117kms in a day so far and he wishes to break this record.

He also founded the Duayen Foundation, a Delhi base registered social service voluntary and non-profitable national level organization, dedicated to curbing many child rights issues from the grassroots. Duayen Foundation is committed to working on all three levels i.e. administrative, executive and legal to achieve this objective. It aims to gift meaningful life to child beggars, create zero tolerance towards child begging and also create rehabilitation centers and schools in every 10km all across the country.

Mr Sharma’s secret to health and fitness is simple and minimal vegetarian diet and he sustains himself in this journey with help from a couple of friends. Speaking instead of presentations or writing is the best way to work in the field and ground zero and that is exactly what he is doing via the path taken by the historical figures like Buddha or Swami Vivekananda, at the core of which is - a journey through the length and breadth of the country, on foot.

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