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Session on Time Management

Event Date:

September 18, 2018

iLEAD conducted a talk session on Time-Management for the BBA students. The event was conducted by Mr. Dinesh Agarwal who is the ex-president of Calcutta Junior Chamber and ex-state Director - PR, W.B. State Jaycees. He is an internationally certified Executive Life Coach, Master Spirit Life Coach and a member of Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada.


Mr Agarwal has been engaged with HDFC Bank to help increase productivity levels of Relationship Managers through Life Coaching. He has been conducting 'Time Management Program' for various corporate, banks and social organizations. He is also associated with a Real Estate Company as its Director.


The session started with a series of questions and information about how time plays a major role in management and how a matrix can be made in which we can understand the urgent and not so urgent things.


Also to discover about our purpose in life, time plays a major role and it can be seen in the form of IKIGAI (Japanese concept that means "a reason for being") in which we have various divisions. To discover the students' IKIGAI, they were handed over a sample paper consisting of 4 questions. Based on these questions one can know about their passion and its purpose in their life and how time can be associated with it.


He also handed over 10 pointers information to the students known as the "Dream Sheet" as the points indicated that through it one can create their best life. The students enjoyed the event and learnt a lot of things regarding time and its role in our life.

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