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Session on Shaping Young Entrepreneurial Minds 2023

Event Date:

September 21, 2023

On September 21st, 2023, the Management Club at iLEAD organized a session focused on 'Shaping Young Entrepreneurial Minds 2023’.

Mr. Abhirup Banerjee was the distinguished keynote speaker at the session. Mr. Banerjee is an HR Coach, International Keynote Speaker, and Advisor. Today’s session was on startups and businesses.

Mr. Abhirup Banerjee passionately discussed the various stages a startup undergoes, emphasizing the crucial differences between a startup and an established business. He shed light on how money and a good team play pivotal roles in commencing a venture. He stressed on the 'how,' 'why,' and 'where' of startup endeavours. Mr. Banerjee also explained different terms related to startups.

The session was highly interactive and engaging. He enlightened all the students with his experiences, thoughts, and ideas. With the huge participation of highly enthusiastic students, the session undoubtedly became a successful one.

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