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Session on Production Design with Dr Philip Peters

Event Date:

January 24, 2018

iLEAD had organised a session on 'Production Design' with Dr.Philip Peters, a full bright scholar from USA on January 24th, 2018 at 11:30 am

Dr. Philip Peters is a professor at the University of Central Florida (UCF). He holds a BA in film and theater design from Humboldt State University and an MFA in film and theater design from the University of Montana. Prior to coming to UCF, he spent more than two decades as a professional producer and designer in the film and television industry, working in Hollywood, Asia, and Australia. Dr. Peters's primary objective at UCF has been to create an entrepreneurial research agenda focused on the visual arts and interactive media in collaboration with industry. His entrepreneurial product development research agenda is focused on the relationship between film and television geolocation, digital media, and visual arts. He has generated more than $400,000 of external research funding from international, national, and state sources. He has presented his research at numerous national and international venues and developed successful research partnerships with a major international corporation, a U.S. federal agency, and a Florida regional economic development agency. Dr. Peters has founded and funded two research labs at UCF, including the Flickering Landscapes Lab, which explores how geography plays a central role in film structure equal to that of the characters. Prior to teaching at UCF, Dr. Peters taught at the University of Iowa and Indiana State University. Dr. Peters is active in many organizations in the arts, including the Australian Production Designers Guild, U.S. National Park Service, Florida Film Festival, and University Film & Video Association.

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