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Seminar on CSR in association with ICSI and The Telegraph

Event Date:

June 18, 2016

iLEAD organized a one-day seminar on 'CSR Planning & Strategizing: The Way Towards Corporate Citizenship' on the 18th of June (Saturday), with the objective of clarifying different aspects of the CSR Act. With most companies having to undertake and report their activities in annual reports, websites, sustainability reports and publication of the same, the seminar helped many to plan and strategize their CSR role and work.
The seminar addressed vital topics like 'Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 along with Companies (CSR Policy) Rules, 2014 and other notifications: Clarifications and Interpretations', 'CSR Committee: Constitution & Roles', 'CSR Policy & Strategy', 'Implementation Mechanism', 'Schedule VII: List of CSR Activities and its Scope'. 'How to identify the right implementing agency', 'Best CSR Practices: Presentation by Company's CSR Team', 'Progress Monitoring', 'Report Writing' and 'CSR Audit'.

Eminent dignitaries and speakers from IICA, ICWA and ICSI made the session interesting that continued from 10 am-5 pm at the institute's auditorium. iLEAD's Chairperson, Mr. Pradip Chopra made a brilliant start with his welcome address and concluded in much the same way too. Mr. Arijit Chakraborty from ICAI was the first speaker who spoke on 'Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 along with Companies Rules, 2014 and other notifications'. With over 18 years of experience in assurance, risk management, process reviews and the like, he has served the likes of diverse clients based in US, South Asia and Africa by working in companies like PwC, E&Y, Deloitte and KPMG.
For a discussion on 'Workflow Management in IT Platform for CSR projects', Mr. Sanjib Sanyal of ICAI, who is also the senior partner in Baker Tilly DHC, followed next. Thereafter came one of the best speakers of the session, Ms. Geetanjali Gaur, the program manager at IICA. She enlightened listeners on 'Schedule VII: List of CSR Activities and its Scope- identifying the right implementing agency'. Given her hands-on expertise in the field of CSR, she ended the pre-lunch session in the best way possible.

Mr. Subrata Kumar Ray, CS, MSTC Ltd, came next and spoke at length about 'CSR Committee: Constitution and Roles- CSR Policy & Strategy'. He preceded Ms. Pallavi Daga from KPMG, who gave a deep insight into 'CSR Philosophy and Policy'. Finally, the session came to an end after the CM-CSR of Indian Oil, Mr. Tejbir Singh Bhandari took the dais and provided details about 'CSR on Indian Oil'.

As a leading media and management institute, iLEAD is also the partner institute of IICA (Institute of Corporate Affairs) and offers certification courses in association with it. By organizing a seminar of such a big scale, iLEAD paved the way for plenty of companies who haven't been able to frame their CSR policies and are not well versed with the Act and guidelines.

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