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Photography Workshop by Anoop Guha

Event Date:

March 10, 2018

iLEAD organized a two hour orientation program on the magical world of photography. The name of the session was unleashing your imagination. The session was taken by the renowned official photo mentor of Canon - Mr. Anoop Guha. Mr. Guha talked in details about the varied facets of photography and the technicalities involved in understanding and handling a camera. He tried his best to bring out the photographer hidden inside the audience through his sharp oratory skills. He mentioned about the importance of composition in photography which includes an introduction, body and a conclusion. He stressed on the fact that photography is not a very complex thing and it needs sheer common sense and the aptitude towards creativity to become a great photographer. People get appreciation when their photos are liked and they then think of taking photography as a serious profession rather than just simple passion. Mr. Guha also spoke about the emotion and expression captured by the eyes which introduces the subject for venturing into a photographic endeavor. He also told that the situation in a particular environment works as the entity of composition in the photography. There are thousands of laws involved with photography dynamics but they shouldn't be followed for creative photographic ventures. The essence of his exploration and realization about the world of photography includes the following essential points-

Following the rule of one third while taking photo in one frame where the subject is to be kept either in the first or the third frame,
Following the rules of photography in every occasion makes the endeavor of taking a photo stubborn,
Importance of low angle shot in glorifying the essence of a photograph,
Perspectives of shots taken for photography,
Creative art involved in the entire process of photography,
Extreme importance of the trio of observation , anticipation and composition,
The picture captured by human eye cannot matched with that of camera,
Importance of the entity of lens in the anatomy of eyes,
Aperture plays the role of iris in camera,
Photography in front of sun results in reduction of the movement of iris and pupil,
The sensor in the camera works as retina in the iris of eye,
When light falls on the retina it is sent to the brain through the optic nerves,
Processor serves as the brain of the camera,

Processor of the camera is fed up with programs,

Camera calculates light and sensitivity of the images,

Lens of the camera can help to calculate the distance of the image and the background,

Camera is an artificial intelligent form of the human eye,

Lens, processor and sensors serve as the main elements of any camera,
Difference in quality of lenses and censors comes according to the making and price scheme of the camera,
Cheap lens makes the light falling on the camera refracted Polarizer inside the camera creates anti dispersion property in photography,
Coating is an essential entity of photography which comes in ultra dimensional and polarized mode to name a few,
Mode of camera plays an important role in the proper usage of camera,
Balancing of light plays an important role in the camera dynamics.

The session became interesting when Mr. Aroop, asked questions on photography to the audience. Some of the participants in the session gave correct answers regarding the conceptual questions asked on photography. The winners got the gift voucher from the renowned shop - Capital Chowringhee which deals with sales and services of the photographic instruments. The session ended with a hope that the awareness created about the world of photography and camera will surely boost many to venture into the fascinating world of unleashing imagination and depicting creativity through images.

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