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Orientation Program Of Earth Reel 2019

Event Date:

April 24, 2019

iLEAD, Bichitra Pathshala and Earth Day Network organised 'Earth Reel' - An annual inter-school filmmaking competition on 24th April 2019.

2019 marks the 7th edition of Earth Reel that started in 2013. This year the theme of the competition was 'Protect Our Species'. Students from various schools were encouraged during the event to send short documentaries or live action films based on the theme.

Mr. Pradip Chopra, Chairman of iLEAD, gave the opening speech. He talked about inter-dependence of various species on earth, the continental drift and about protecting our bio-diversity.

Mr. S.V. Raman, President of Bichitra Pathsala, spoke about the role of the future generations in creating awareness about conservation.

Ms Nila Majumdar from Earth Day Network, through a presentation spoke about global extinction of animals on land, freshwater and sea.

Mr. Sujon Chatterjee, eminent wildlife photographer with 35 years of experience in birding, exhibited photographs of rare and nearly extinct species from various parts of the world. His photographs included clicks of rare birds and animals from West Papua (Indonesia), Da Lat (Vietnam), Satra Brunn (Sweden), Berlin (Germany), Sarapiqui (Costa Rica), Baja California (Mexico), Pantanal (Brazil), Tso Kar (Ladakh) and many more.

Mr. Archan Mitra, Faculty at iLEAD and a naturalist, showed videos of Gangetic Dolphins at Noachor (West Bengal) and Leopards around the city of Mumbai. He also talked about the need of bio-economic studies to make people pro-active towards conservation.

Ms Annesha Lahiri, from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), talked about the various species conservation and eco trail programs conducted by WWF in West Bengal.

Mrs. Shubha Das Mollick, an eminent documentary filmmaker, Co-Founder and Secretary of Bichitra Pathshala, concluded the event after speaking about the introductory guidelines for filmmaking based on the theme and an interactive session with the students.

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