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Make Social Media Work For You

Event Date:

November 15, 2017

iLEAD hosted a session on how to make use of social media for professional branding and personal branding. The speaker of the session was Mr. Dwaipayan Chakraborty, the Digital Marketing Head (East Zone) of global media and marketing service company Mindshare.

The event focused on understanding the varied social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and their utilization from a personal and professional perspective.

Mr. Chakraborty stressed on the fact that the social media work as great influencers and generate immense power. The student community should properly use them to build their portfolio in the job market. People use their valuable time to be in social media. Strategic understanding of the niche is essential for fruitful utilization of the social media. The audience asked several questions to Mr. Chakraborty on how to make maximum use of social media platforms and also on technical issues like search engine optimization and the future trends. The session ended with the message that people should be more and more aware of the dynamics and reach of the digital social platforms. This will help them in meeting their desired objectives from the world of social media.

Some of the takeaways from the session were:

Human behavior itself is being captured on social media and capturing consumer attention 24x7 is easier than ever.

LinkedIn should be again used in every way to upgrade the professional life and network with the market leaders and CEOs. LinkedIn contains their email id and phone numbers. This otherwise is not accessible at all.

There is no privacy of consumers and all social media platforms should be left bereft of information about personal life and should only be used as a PR tool.

Time is an asset and many brands are selling time by saving the consumer's time.

For multiple social media platforms, niche and quality content should be created, the creator should be focused one genre to understand that market but have different strategies for different platforms like - Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

YouTube is the best platform for video - average of 30 minutes of viewer attention compared to Facebook Video (average of 5 mins of viewer attention).

The YouTube video can be linked to the Facebook video for greater visibility.

Understanding the TG and the local consumer market is one of the key and vital elements of influence too.

It is important to be updated about every new product of market leaders like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook.

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