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“Letz Empower” – A Day of Enlightenment and Empowerment

Event Date:

September 23, 2023

On a radiant September morning in 2023, RMB Kolkata and iLEAD, two prominent entities in the world of education and empowerment, united their forces to present a remarkable event: "Letz Empower." This day-long training conclave held promises of enlightenment and empowerment, and it did not disappoint. The event, held at an inclusive venue, was open to individuals from all walks of life. It transcended the boundaries of iLEAD, extending its welcoming arms to anyone eager to learn and grow. The stage was set, and the audience was buzzing with anticipation. The day commenced with a graceful opening, as the distinguished guest speakers took their turns at the podium, sharing their profound insights with the eager audience. 1. Rtn. Vajawanti Bose: The morning began with the luminous presence of Rtn. Vajawanti Bose, a renowned figure in Emotional Empowerment Coaching, public speaking, and authorship. Her message resonated deeply as she encouraged the audience to take small steps, even in the face of adversity. Ms. Bose emphasized the vital link between self-awareness, emotional management, and sound decision-making. She highlighted how emotions, when harnessed wisely, can be powerful catalysts for growth. 2. Rtn. Kaushik Sen: Following Ms. Bose, Rtn. Kaushik Sen, a seasoned Financial Markets Expert with an MBA in Finance from Pune University, took center stage. His address revolved around the concept of "Real Wealth." Sen guided the audience through a spectrum of financial management topics, shedding light on liability, the time value of money, liquidity, risk coverage, and common investment pitfalls. 3. Mr. Pradip Chopra: The third speaker of the day was Mr. Pradip Chopra, a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Chairman of iLEAD and PS Group. His journey, from a Chemistry Hons. Graduate at the University of Calcutta to an entrepreneurial giant, captivated the audience. Firmly declaring his mission to enrich millions, he shared the idea that waste could be transformed into wealth. Sustainability emerged as a cornerstone for building a thriving business. 4. Mr. Avelo Roy: Midway through the day, Mr. Avelo Roy, MD at Kolkata Ventures, Start-up Mentor, and TEDx Speaker, took the audience on an inspiring journey. He shattered stereotypes, challenging the notion that "Bengalis can't do business." Roy celebrated teamwork as the driving force behind successful ventures and shared invaluable insights into crafting compelling pitch decks, effective networking, enhancing valuation, and winning over investors. 5. Mr. Sanjay Jha: After a rejuvenating lunch break, Mr. Sanjay Jha, a Software and Digital Technology Professional, initiated a captivating session. His talk revolved around the art of "connecting the dots" in the business world. He stressed the importance of networking, likening it to a blind date. With humor and wisdom, Jha provided strategies for breaking the ice, forging meaningful connections, and avoiding common pitfalls in networking. 6. Mr. Gautam Mandal: Mr. Gautam Mandal, an NLP and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, addressed a pressing contemporary issue - stress. Citing alarming statistics, he highlighted the rising heart attack rates and the global menace of stress. Mandal shared practical advice on time management and unveiled an ultimate guide to "Reclaim Yourself." 7. Rtn. Ruby Ray: Approaching the culmination of the event, Rtn. Ruby Ray, a Ventre-preneur, Mindpreuneur, and IIMC Alumni, engaged the audience with her unique perspective. Describing herself as a "WABI SABI" and "Kingtsuki," she celebrated creativity, innovation, and continuous growth. Ray delved into the evolution of branding over thousands of years, emphasizing the contemporary importance of storytelling and emotional connections. Her presentation encompassed branding elements, humanizing brands, brand identity, performance analysis, and more. 8. Rtn. Sudipta Kundu: The intellectually stimulating conclave came to a close with Rtn. Sudipta Kundu, a Digital Marketing Expert and Growth Strategist. Kundu masterfully mapped the steps to successful digital marketing, with a nod to emerging trends like AI. With humor, he explored the potential of AI and underscored the importance of impeccable execution. Kundu also spotlighted essential aspects of digital marketing, including identifying target audiences, selecting the right channels, content repurposing, and meticulous analysis and optimization. It had been a day of profound insights and interactive sessions, featuring industry luminaries. As the day came to an end, “Letz Empwer” had to wrap up as well. Students and attendees departed with their minds enriched and spirits empowered, ready to embark on their own journeys of growth and success. This conclave had indeed lived up to its promise of enlightenment and empowerment, leaving an indelible mark on all who were fortunate to be a part of it.

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