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Leadership Development Workshop at iLEAD

Event Date:

August 17, 2017

iLEAD organized a session on leadership development program for its faculty, administrative executives and the other members of the organization. The session on Leadership was taken by ex Army Personnel Colonel Prabir Sengupta. He is an institution by himself in the field of conducting workshops and seminars on leadership development for students, teachers as well as the administrators of organizations. He is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and has done Management and Strategic Consultancy for the Indian Armed Forces. He started his session on leadership by sharing his experience of leadership in the Army and the other various corporate bodies. He clearly defined the fact that leadership is an art which needs a hold for sustenance in the socio economic environment. He gave the classic example of General Manek shaw who through his able leadership made India play an effective role in the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971. During his speech he emphasized that moral courage is the pillar on which the premise of an effective leadership rests. He cited the examples of personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison and many more to make the audience understand the attributes of becoming a successful leader. The attributes in this regard included inspiring the workforce, zeal for taking actions, the constant urge to innovate, motivating the people around and finally creating an impact through the passion of leadership. He even talked about the basic difference of a Manager and a Leader in the context of an operational activity or organization. Leaders change situations while managers just see whether everything is fine in the working environment or not. Empowerment of the workforce is also an important attribute of a leader. Attitude is the crucial factor which makes an employee climb high in the organizational ladder and become a great leader. Appreciation of the workforce is also one of the signs of an effective leader. Self motivation was also highlighted during the session where the focus was on creating the internal urge of an individual to overcome all sorts of problems and challenges. Mr. Sengupta even talked about the issue of time management and its importance in our lives. Properly managed time and allocation of the work according to priority is also one of the main elements of time management. Overall the session was full of inspirational videos and presentations where people fighting various oddities of life were creating benchmarks through their quality leadership skills and self belief of overcoming all kind of obstacles. The audience thoroughly enjoyed and learned from the session of Colonel Prabir Sengupta which teaches a way of living life through effective leadership, time management and self motivation skills.

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