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International Womens Day 2018 celebration at iLEAD

Event Date:

March 8, 2018

iLEAD institute of Media and Management celebrated the International Women's day through an enjoyable session. The session started with showing the audience a video on Who are They? The video showed the attributes which make women special in human life. Mr. Pradip Chopra- the honorable chairman of the institute also spoke about the enigma of women in human life and in the world of men. He told the audience that the first word uttered by a child just after birth is mother. This shows the power and contribution of women in making life meaningful and beautiful. He even told that women can do a work with far more perfection and success than men. Mr. Chopra also mentioned about the pioneering role of women in varied fields of society and economy. Mr. Chopra also mentioned of a Sanskrit saying that the place where women are work shipped is where god and goddesses reside. He also told about the bad condition of the women in the medieval times and the present status of massive women development in various strata of society. Mr. Chopra also mentioned the fact that iLEAD institute has more women workforce than men.

After Mr. Chopra's inspiring speech on the enigma of women, there was a dance performance by Ronit who is one of the culturally active students of the institute. The dance performance was focused on making the audience realize the difference facets of woman in common day to day life. The dance performance was followed by a wonderful recitation by Rohit Chokhani another popular student of the institute. He himself composed the piece which highlighted on the status of women in the society and the perception which should be changed against women in the society by the males. During the event the women fraternity of the institute was given and chocolates to make them feel special in the day which is attributed to them only.

The event ended with the hope that women occupy a significant place in the society and their power and abilities are well identified by all the sections of the society. The human rights and the development of the women race are to be given topmost priority was also the message given through the eve.

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