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interactive session with Divyanshu Damani

Event Date:

February 23, 2018

iLEAD organized an interactive session with social media influencer Divyanshu  Damani. His Vlogs has over 15 million views and followed by over 170,000 people. He also has a value added content sharing platform on Facebook named The Soch Network. This network is followed by over 380,000 followers. He shares his experiences with the youth of several prestigious educational platforms to make them follow their dreams and do something for the world. Mr Damani divided his entire interactive session into three distinct parts. The three parts included-
* Sharing his own journey as a social media influencer * Possibilities of changing dreams into goals. * Practical usage of the goals to fulfill dreams.
Mr. Damani even stressed on the importance of public speaking skills and the ways to overcome fear. He raised some important questions in the session which included
* Why human race progressed as a species?
The answer on his part was that human beings are the only creatures in the nature who can dream about 'collective fiction'. The imagination of human beings can go beyond the five senses. He then asked the audience -
* What is the biggest thing they want to do for which human race will remember?
Several answers came from the audience which included-
* Travelling to Mars to create human civilization * Changing the transport system of India * Playing for Manchester United
Mr. Damani also emphasized that the objective of any dream should be to improve standards of life and fulfill the wishes of the people who we love and care for. Mindset of focusing on one thing and making it present in subconscious helps to reach the target. On this note he gave the example of the experiments demonstrated on the Oprah Winfrey show by Deepak Chopra which is available on YouTube. He even stressed on the issue of 'self talk' which makes things happen. Reaching any dream requires the dream to be put and make it stay in the head for a long period of time. Mr. Damani also told the audience that whatever we can visualize in our dreams, can be manifested by us. The session was truly an eye opener for students of Media and Management at iLEAD who want to be entrepreneurs of future and make a mark in the world through their innovative thinking and creativity.

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