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Indias Top Career Counsellor – Pervin Malhotra at iLEAD

Event Date:

April 30, 2017

One of the biggest crisis today is the inability to make the right career choice at the right time. With increasing competition in the market, range of career options, peer and family pressure anyone without correct counselling is bound to fall into the pits of confusion, despair, frustration, depression, identity crisis and financial crisis.

iLEAD being one of the premier media and management institutes of the country took the responsibility to bring the best career counsellors of India Ms Pervin Malhotra and Mr. Zubin Malhotra and rescue students from the daunting tasks of choosing from more than 3500+ career options by helping them make the best decision for their future.

With 2 career counselling session on April 30th from 9:30 am and 1:30 pm onwards Ms Pervin Malhotra and Mr. Zubin Malhotra interacted with students looking for a breakthrough or a solution to their career problems.

iLEAD Chairman Mr. Pradip Chopra delivered the welcome address and spoke about the relevance of choosing the correct field in which an individual is interested. "As you go along the path of life, you will yourself explore what you are passionate about and how to work on that" said Mr. Chopra.

Starting from talking about how the movie industry works today for aspiring actors to how streamlining the right career option in commerce or science would benefit students, the counsellors said it all. The session also included talk on the fields of Law, the automated industries of the future, what will become obsolete very soon and much more. "What is hot today may become lukewarm tomorrow and ice cold the day after," said Ms Pervin Malhotra while explaining the illusion of glamorous industries.

Mr Zubin Malhotra on the other hand gave wonderful insights on the changes in the industry dynamics today. For instance the changing dynamics in the world of journalism, writing and publishing was well explained to one of the students. Even working professionals who are for instance in marketing fields were recommended to take up short term professional courses like Digital Marketing. "If you are a woodcutter the edge of your axe should remain sharp, otherwise you will not get the same results as you did yesterday," said Mr Zubin while explaining the importance of knowing about industry trends and keeping an all-round open mindedness when looking for careers, courses and colleges.

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