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Symposium on Digital Transformation

Event Date:

September 14, 2023

iLEAD, in collaboration with IQAC, hosted a remarkable event titled the "Symposium on Digital Transformation: A Socio-Economic Game Changer" on September 14th, 2023. This engaging symposium brought together luminaries from diverse sectors, ushering in a profound discussion on the transformative power of digital technologies.

Distinguished Guests:

    The event boasted a distinguished panel of speakers, each a luminary in their respective domains:
  • Mr. Rahul Dutta, Executive Director at PWC

  • Dr. Simontini Patra Banerjee, In-Charge of the Department of Laboratory Medicine, ESI Hospital

  • Mr. Uddalak Banerjee, GM HRBP, East Cluster, Vodafone

  • Ms. Subha Das Mollick, Renowned Documentary Film Maker

Insights Unveiled:
The esteemed panel, welcomed and felicitated with warmth, took the stage to share their experiences and profound insights into the transformative journey of digitalization. They delved into how digitalization is reshaping not only society but also the economy, painting a vivid picture of this rapidly evolving landscape.

Book Launch:
A pivotal moment during the symposium was the launch of the book "Digital Transformation in Emerging Business Environment." This illuminating book explores the evolving dynamics of the digital realm and its profound impact on the business industry. It's noteworthy that this insightful book includes chapters contributed by iLEAD's own faculty members, covering a broad spectrum of expertise from various departments.

Thoughtful Discourse:
Dr. Soumen Chatterjee, Principal of iLEAD, kick-started the discussions by addressing the audience, shedding light on the digital divide witnessed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Rahul Dutta emphasized the far-reaching economic and social implications of digitalization, including the crucial aspect of financial inclusion. Dr. Simontini Patra Banerjee highlighted how digitalization has brought remarkable improvements to the healthcare sector, especially through the lens of telemedicine. Ms. Subha Das Mollick, a veteran Documentary Filmmaker and esteemed Professor of Media Science, applauded the enthusiasm displayed by the students and eloquently presented digitalization's transformative influence on the media landscape.

Enthusiastic Response:
The symposium received an enthusiastic response from attendees, with students gaining invaluable insights into the ongoing digital revolution across various sectors. iLEAD's commitment to knowledge dissemination and fostering intellectual growth remains evident in its successful organization of such enlightening events.

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