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iLEAD City – Land of Gangsters

Event Date:

April 21, 2022

The Social Media and Creative Team of iLEAD organized the fun event of ‘iLEAD City – Land of Gangsters’ on April 21st 2022.

Every batch and class of iLEAD were encouraged to send 2 participants for the event. The participants had to scan QR codes till 5 rounds each giving a clue for the next round. These right answers to the clues made the students reach the correct destination for the next round.

The winners were declared as the OGs (Original Gangsters) and their respective class would be recognized as Gangster Central.

The vibe of the event was greatly enjoyed by the participants. BMS 4B was declared as the Gangster Central and the declared winners were Ayush Biswas and Priyanshu Mundhra from BMS 4B.

Event Gallery

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