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Hashtag 2019

Event Date:

November 14, 2019

On 14th and 15th November 2019, The Social Media Club organised the event 'HASHTAG 2019', an intra- college digital creativity fest.

The various rounds of Hashtag included Instagram round, filmmaking, graphic designing, meme making, blog writing and strategic planning.

In the Instagram ground, students were supposed to create a 9 grid image wherein each unit of the grid as well as the image as a whole would have a meaningful message.

The topic for the 'Film Making' round was 'Characters of iLEAD'. Students were instructed to create a film of 1 minute duration on the given topic.

For the 'Graphic Designing' round, students were asked to experiment with the iLEAD logo. Keeping the original logo intact, they were required to incorporate the iLEAD logo into various other designs so that it gave out some specific message about iLEAD or highlight anything relevant to iLEAD.

In the 'Meme Making' round, students were given the task to create a series of 3 memes based on topic of 'Humor at iLEAD' or 'Characters at iLEAD'.

Students also took part in the 'Blog Writing' round wherein they wrote articles on the topics of 'First Day At College', 'Studying For The Hardest Exam' and 'Recap Of An Event In College Campus'.

For the 'Strategy Planning' round, students were needed to create a campaignand present feasible ideas to positionESEDS/Hitech better than their competitors.

The Winners for the various rounds of HASHTAG 2019 stood as follows -

 Meme Making - Adipta Das (BMS)

 Instagram - Debanjali Das (BMS) Abhirup Chatterjee (BMS) Arkaprava Chakraborty (BMS). Their challenge was to create a 9 image grid on iLEAD Street Library where each of the image were also considered to be an individual post.

 Blog Writing - SevinaKahlon (BMS). She wrote a blog on 'First Day At College'.

 Graphic Designing - Arpit Mehta (Animation).He redesigned the logo of iLEAD based on a more fun theme.

 Strategic Planning Round - MahimaBarasia(BMS) MobashirHussain(BBA). They prepared an effective online marketing campaign for ESEDS School of Design.

 Digital Film Making - Dipankita Ghosh (BMS) Avirup Roy (BMS) and AniketChakraborty (BMS). They created a film titled 'The Library Man'.

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