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Guest Lecture Session on Media, Society and Gender

Event Date:

November 9, 2017

iLEAD organized an interactive session on analyzing Advertising dynamics through the parameters of Media, Society and Gender. The session was taken by Ms. Katy McAlary who is an English Language Fellow from United States - Department of State English Language.  She has a background in English and Spanish language and works as a trainer for English language.  She also works in the field of Women Empowerment and is also involved in advanced research on World Religions.

McAlary conducted the session on basic questions of Advertising that include:

     What we buy?

How we buy?

How it inspires us to change our buying decision?

Ms. McAlary pointed out the real need of advertisement in the society. Grocery stores do not advertise except when they offer something more to the consumers. The character of an individual reflects in his or her buying style. Advertisement is that mode through which the needs of the society are being created. The advertisement triangle in this regard suggests that a typical Advertising has three elements inside it - The Ethos (Ethics), Logos (Logic) and Pathos (Emotions).

Advertisement tries to capture all kinds of personality and character traits to make an impact in the buying behavior of an individual.  She also showed certain specific advertisements catering to male, female and non traditional families. The advertisements were shown to the audience to make them understand some basic questions like-

    Who are the target audience and what market is being identified by the brand?

Whether the advertisement makes money or not?

Would the advertisement work with an opposite gender or cast?

The advertisements shown during the session include some famous brands like Biba, Hero, Airtel etc. She even told the audience that effectiveness of advertisement can be judged by the parameters of
    Strongly defined target audience

Evoking an emotion

Memorable value of the brand

Evoking a societal change

Building stories from normative tropes

The session ended with a takeaway assignment given by Ms. McAlary to the audience - finding out advertisements which go by the parameters of-
    Defying gender Normative Tropes.

Social activism and galvanizing the populace to social change.

Abiding by the effective litmus test.

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