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Future Vista – Session on New Media

Event Date:

June 13, 2022

On June 13th 2022, the 5-day career conclave ‘Future Vista – The New Age Careers’ dedicated to the students was inaugurated at iLEAD. Future Vista is organized with the aim of discussing the changes and growth in the respective sectors along with the emerging new-age career opportunities.

The afternoon panel on media consisted of Mr. Anjan Chakraborty (Co-Founder and CEO, Estory Infocom), Ms. Poorna Banerjee (Founder, Presented by P Consultancy), Mr. Agni Sen (RJ Radio Mirchi), Mr. Soham Chatterjee (Global Associate Creative Director/Writer at Whatsapp) and Mr. Unmesh Ganguly (Content Creator at Bankura Memes).

The panel discussed about content creation in the digital era. Anjan Chakraborty talked about the disruptive technologies that are going to change the media sector in the next few years. “Web 1.0 was about read only. Web 2.0 was interactive. Web 3.0 is going to be immersive. Metaverse is the next disruption”, he said. He also stressed on being ‘bi-lingual’ and developing ‘multi skill sets’ for a career in media as per the present demand.

Ms. Poorna Banerjee talked about ‘trigger content’ along with ‘authenticity’ and ‘responsibility’ during content creation. “Don’t write about something that you are not”, said Mr. Agni Sen. He stressed on being ‘your real self’ on social media. He also talked about getting advertisements that are relevant with the content.

Unmesh Ganguly talked about creating content on the ‘Bankra’ dialect, native to his hometown Bankura. The panel discussed about content that are diverse, multi-lingual and ‘relatable’ to the target audience and each having a niche audience of their own.

Soham Chatterjee spoke about brand moves and content creation on Facebook or Instagram. He talked about the “check it before you share it” campaign and its success.

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