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Future Vista – Session on Management

Event Date:

June 14, 2022

The 2nd day of the conclave of ‘Future Vista- The New Age Careers’ witnessed the presence of dignitaries from the fields of management, entrepreneurship and tourism.

The first panel on management consisted of Mr. Faisal Ahmed (Senior Assistant VP Analytics, HSBC), Ms. Aparajita Banerjee (Founder and CEO, Astrist Research and Advisory Services) and Mr. Harsh Arora (Zonal Training Head – East and Virtual Business Office – Bada Business).

Stressing on the importance of getting investors and building network, Harsh Arora said, “In India mostly investors are outsiders. So, we have to have that network in the global world”.

He further said, “Network is net worth. Keep building network, which will actually be your worth in the coming days”.

Aparajita Banerjee giving some important advice to the students mentioned, “Engaging in policies is very important. There would be a lot of businesses and career paths as international business in India opens up. And international business policy or securities are going to be very important fields of education or majors that you can focus on. Because as you move ahead, opportunities are going to open up in various markets or government agencies where you can act as an advisor”.

“As you work and climb up the ladder, upskilling is very important”, said Faisal Ahmed advising students on the importance of acquiring new skills.

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