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Future Vista – Session on Digital Marketing

Event Date:

June 15, 2022

The 3rd day of Future Vista on June 15th 2022, organized by iLEAD witnessed the presence of dignitaries and experts from the animation and gaming sectors, design and digital marketing.

The 3rd panel for the day was on Digital Marketing. The panelists were Indrajit Lahiri (Founder of Pickled Solution & Co-Founder, Foodka), Sunando Banerjee (COO, Anonymous Digital, Founder of Hanglaatherium and Co-Founder of Foodka), Utsav Bhanja (Director, Incfrog Digital) and Anusreea Paul Mukherjee (Co-Founder, Blogger & Chief Editor at The Bong Trippers) as the moderator of the session.

Speaking about digital marketing, Utsav Bhanja said, “It is important that we learn the ways of digital. We should not only limit us to digital marketing but ‘digital’ as an industry as a whole”.

“The two biggest problems are technology and management. Digital gives you a mix of both. You do not need to be an engineer to be a digital expert, you do not need to be an MBA to be a digital expert. But you need the understanding of both to become a digital expert. That’s why when you combine technology and management, you have specialised zone which is digital”, he said explaining the scope of digital marketing.

Sunando Banerjee gave an insight into the job opportunities for students existing in the field. He said, “A number which has come 3-4 months back by KPMG says that close 30 to 40 million jobs would have a tag called ‘digital’ in their portfolio. So that is the number of jobs today in front of you and you are just going to grab that!”

He also advised on the emergence of AI. “Keep your eyes open on the artificial intelligence part because AI is going to have a huge impact in digital marketing”, he said.

Indrajit Lahiri explained the qualities that are looked for in digital marketing experts and also said how “Getting on digital platform is fun!”.

From future opportunities to present dynamics, the digital marketing session was an enlightening discussion for the students.

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