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Future Vista – Session on Design

Event Date:

June 15, 2022

The 3rd day of Future Vista on June 15th 2022, organized by iLEAD witnessed the presence of dignitaries and experts from animation and gaming sectors, design and digital marketing.

The 2nd panel of the day on design was presided by Srishti Nadhani (Fashion Blogger, Myntra Superstar Fame), Indroneel Mukherjee (Celebrity Designer, Stylist & Grooming Expert) and Christophe Plais (French Furniture Designer, Founder, Terra Indica).

Talking about the importance of research in design, Srishti Nadhani mentioned how important it is to keep a tab on trends and research but “we should have individual sense of style”, she said.

Indroneel Mukherjee also stressed on the style that is ‘unique to yourself’.“Fashion is the expression of style and style is the expression of personality”, he said.

Christopher Plais gave an insight into furniture design. He mentioned that research on google helps but individual experience is also required and advised to be ‘original’ while taking ‘references’.

“Try to be as original as possible. Because when there’s a lot of competition, people are looking for originality”, said Indroneel Mukherjee.

The panel also discussed about the need for formal education in design and how it helps a student in the highly competitive design market. They also shared their entrepreneurial experiences with the students.

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