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Future Vista 2024 – Session on Tourism & Hospitality

Event Date:

April 8, 2024

On April 8, 2024, "Future Vista: The New Age Careers" explored the fascinating world of travel and hospitality at iLEAD—The Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development. The panel discussion presented storied individuals from the field who gave ambitious professionals insightful insights to help learners figure out their career opportunities in the global world. Dignitaries from the panel on the first day provided insightful knowledge to our students about the present environment of the travel and tourism sector by showcasing its stability, people-centric nature, and transformative potential. The panelists were Mr. Hemant Mediratta (Founder, One Rep Global), Mr. Rummy Anand (Managing Director, HMC), Ms. Sandhya Joshi (Senior Manager – Learning & Development, The Oberoi Grand), Mr. Raphael Rodrigues (General Manager, Holiday Inn Express), Mr. Manav Soni (Chairman of Eastern Region for TAAI) and Ms. Mandira Mitra (Tourism Manager, Madhya Pradesh Tourism). The moderator of the session was Mr. Annesh Bilas Thakur (Faculty, Head of Tourism Dept, iLEAD).

Mr. Manav Soni said that travel and tourism is the only sector experiencing very few layoffs is this one. Mr. Raphael Rodriues enlightened the students to recognise the plethora of the talent industry that the industry has. Mr. Hemant Mediratta described the industry as a people business. According to him, individuals who want to excel in this sector must have talent of engaging with people with a service-oriented attitude. Mr. Rummy Anand highlighted the transferable skills gained in tourism and hospitality. He stated that the kind of skills that an individual hones in this industry are usable in other industries also. The business's transforming power was emphasized by Ms. Sandhya Joshi, who declared, "If you truly enjoy making a difference to somebody, this is the industry for you." Ms. Mandira Mitra talked about her major involvement in Madhya Pradesh vacationing, highlighting the chance to improve communities and bringing up her work with the tribal people in particular. The entire panel discussion was highly inspiring to embark on a journey within this dynamic industry, equipped with valuable insights to navigate new-age career paths.

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