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Future Vista 2024 – Session on Management

Event Date:

April 8, 2024

On April 8, 2024, iLEAD, the Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development witnessed the premiere of "Future Vista: The New Age Careers." It is the second iteration of the first-day professional conference got underway.

The panel is based on management consisting of Mr Sayanta Sengupta (Presenter, Star Sports), Mr. Ankan Banerjee (Assistant Professor & Coordinator, IISWBM), Mr. Joy Moitra (Senior Director, Consultancy Services), Mr. Arabinda Sahu (Ex. Senior Vice President II & Circle Head, Axis Bank) along with Mr. Samarjit Guha (Director, Future Hope) as the moderator. The entire panel discussion was based on exploring potential career opportunities for the students of iLEAD in the present environment of the business landscape.

Today’s dynamic business landscape consists of potential career opportunities for learners with diverse skill sets and interests. The digital era of business has also leveraged professionals to present business on the online platform as well as to analyse strategic campaigns to engage audiences and drive business growth.

Mr. Ankan Banerjee advised attendees about the various career opportunities in the sports sector in the context of marketing of sports, sports technology, events management, sports data analytics, sponsorship and more. Mr. Sayantan Sengupta shared his experiences with attendees as a presenter on social media as well as television. He talked about the significance of time management, and asking appropriate questions in managing the work environment calmly.

There are lots of opportunities for new ages in the work environment where advanced technology is considered as the bigger provider, said Mr. Joy Moitra as he spoke about the changing scenario of the current work environment.

Mr. Sahu provided core knowledge about relationship management in the bank by exploring career opportunities in the business sector and how people are doing bank jobs at home in the era of technology. However, the entire session was highly interactive and provided students with invaluable insights to navigate the ever-changing professional landscape.

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