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Future Vista 2024 – Session on Film

Event Date:

April 9, 2024

On April 9, 2024, the third iteration of the three-day professional conference got underway in iLEAD as Future Vista –The New Age Careers. The event Future Vista was organized to assist our students in unlocking the best job opportunities ahead of them with the rise of new age profession options in the global atmosphere of film. Showcasing renowned experts who gave interested attendees priceless insights and experiences about the world of film. The dignitaries were Mr. Barun Chanda (Actor, Author & Ad-professional), Mr. Sukanto Majumdar (Professor & Head of the Department, Department of Sound Recording & Design, SRFTI), Mr. Atanu Ghosh (Filmmaker), and Mr. Somdev Chatterjee (Writer & Assistant Professor, Department of Direction & Producing for Electronic & Digital Media) as the moderator who was honoured by the principal of iLEAD Dr. Soumen Chatterjee.

The entire panel discussion provided core knowledge to our students about the concept of Visual storytelling in cinema which is a captivating craft. That consists of the elements of editing, cinematography, mise-en-scene and narrative structure to convey emotions, empathy, ideas and messages to the audience. Mr. Barun Chanda shared insights from the actor's viewpoint by illuminating the importance of acting in visual storytelling. He said, "If you want to be a good actor, don’t act, just be." Mr. Atanu Ghosh shared information about how to analyze texts or scripts for narrative development, providing an inside look at the creative process. On the other hand, Mr. Sukanta Majumdar provided knowledge about the nuances of character development and sound design in movies by emphasizing 'how the atmosphere around a place contributes to storytelling'. The panelists also interacted with attendees and replied to their queries regarding rapid learning and adapting emerging technologies. The dignitaries came across some enthusiastic and talented students who are about to begin their careers in various creative sectors. Ambitious upcoming filmmakers were motivated to learn more about the craft of storytelling through the valuable insights from the session.

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