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Future Vista 2024 – Session on Entrepreneurship

Event Date:

April 8, 2024

The 3rd edition of the 3-day career conclave “Future Vista”- The New Age careers was inaugurated on 8th April 2024. It was dedicated to the students of iLEAD for aiming to discuss the changes and growth in the respective segments along with new emerging career opportunities for new ages.

On the first session of the first day of Future Vista, iLEAD witnessed experts from the fields of entrepreneurship where the dignitaries were Mr. Abhishek Rungta (Founder and CEO, INT), Mr. Abhishek Modi (Managing Partner at Shiva Engineering & Vice President at Stanford Seed, South Asia), Mr. Sidharth Pansari (Director of Primarc and President, CREDAI Bengal) along with Mr. Samarjit Guha (Director, Future Hope) as the moderator.

One of the panelists, Mr. Abhisekh Rungta asked the learners to be focused on the continuous learning program. He said that every individual who wants to be a successful entrepreneur, needs to be involved in lifelong learning programs to improve professional skills day by day to cope with the ever evolving business landscape. Mr. Sidharth Pansari described entrepreneurship programs with marriage and cricket where he claimed that business is a Swayamber! He also explained how perseverance supports one in achieving business success. Mr. Abhisekh Modi advised the learners to focus on building teams. He stated that a team is the biggest investment for an entrepreneur. Team building was the biggest challenge in his opinion in the initial stage of the business and now it has become his biggest strength. He also explained the importance of having empathy and personally connecting teams as entrepreneurs. The entire session was highly interactive and effectively kept the attendees engaged throughout. The session provided effective encouragement for the learner to navigate their career paths in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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