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Future Vista 2024 – Session on Data science

Event Date:

April 10, 2024

‘Future Vista- The New Age Careers’ 2024 conclave at iLEAD witnessed career opportunities for learners in the presence of dignitaries from the fields of technology. The first-panel discussion of April 10 explores the future of data science and cutting-edge technology. In addition to discussing the vast potential in the fields, the conference offered students professional development advice.

From the panel, Debojit Das highlighted the mutually beneficial interaction between humans and artificial intelligence. He said, "Artificial Intelligence exists due to humans and not the other way around." Ms Nabarun Shekhar Sarkar encouraged people by advising them to use YouTube and other tools to be involved in the continued learning program to develop their skills throughout their lives. "Rely on YouTube and learn from there," was his astute advice. Sankhadip Roy talked about how important it is for humans to shape AI's future and said, "AI will be useless without humans."

Dignitaries emphasise that experts in this industry can have a significant impact on how technology develops in the future and promote positive change on a worldwide scale by remaining inquisitive, flexible, and dedicated to lifelong learning. The panel talks to shed light on the complex interaction that exists between AI and humans and underscored the significance of continuous learning in the data science industry.

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