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Freshers 2023

Event Date:

September 9, 2023

The Events Club of iLEAD warmly welcomed the newest members of our college family with the enchanting Freshers'23 Masquerade Party on September 9th, 2023, at the iLEAD Sports Complex. The evening unfolded as an unforgettable blend of mystery and music, where the air buzzed with excitement as students, adorned in elegant masks, embraced the sophistication of the Masquerade theme.

This spectacular event featured not one but two surprise artists who elevated the night to unparalleled heights. Yellow Taxi, the famous band known for their electrifying performances, took the stage, creating a euphoric atmosphere that resonated through the Sports Complex. Following this, DJ IG Protocol, renowned for his captivating sets, presented a dance extravaganza that kept the enthusiastic crowd on their feet.

Freshers'23 at iLEAD was more than an event, it was a celebration etched in the hearts of the newcomers. Relive the magic through the pictures below.

Event Gallery

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