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Family Picnic Day 2020

Event Date:

February 1, 2020

On February 1st 2020, iLEAD organized the annual Family Picnic Day for all the employees at the Ibiza Resort.

The day started with a long drive from Kolkata to Diamond Harbour. The plush green environment at the resort was refreshing for everyone.

The employees along with their families enjoyed playing cricket and badminton. Children were delighted to play with flying disc and musical chair. The children were awarded for participating in the games.

Employees also enjoyed other activities such as boating, zip lining and cycling. They spent some quality time beside the pool and danced along the beats in the disc.

Employees divided in the teams of girls versus boys also enthusiastically took part in the game of antaskhari.

Everyone also enjoyed the great delicacies that were served during breakfast and lunch on the day.

A separate zone was created to click photographs of the employees and as souvenirs of the event, printed pictures were given to them.

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