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Earth Reel 2019_The Heritage School, Third Prize, Seniors

Earth Reel 2019

Event Date:

August 9, 2019

iLEAD, Bichitra Pathshala and Earth Day Network organised 'Earth Reel' - An annual inter-school filmmaking competition.

The orientation program of the same had taken place at iLEAD on 24th April 2019. This year the theme of the competition was 'Protect Our Species'.

Students from various schools were encouraged during the event to send short documentaries or live action films based on the theme.

On August 9th, the films as submitted by students were screened and the best among them were awarded.

The awards were divided into two categories - Juniors Category and Seniors Category. As per the division, the list of trophy winners stood as follows -


Juniors category (Classes VI to VIII)

 Winners: The Heritage School with the project: One Tree: A Whole Ecosystem

 Second Prize: Loreto Day School Dharamtala for the project: A Crow Mirai

 Third Prize: Techno India School Ariadaha for the project: Jalika Safare

 Best Research: Ashok Hall School for Girls for the project : Late Realization

Seniors category (Classes IX to XII)

 Winners: Dhulagori Adarsha Vidyalaya for the film Dhulagorir Goshaap: Struggle for Existence

 Second prize: Indus Valley World School for the film Horns of Paradise

 Third Prize: The Heritage School for the project The Lost Home

 Best Research: South City International School for the film Save the Tiger

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