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Du Coeur 2018

Event Date:

September 20, 2018

An intra college literary event called Du Coeur was organized by the Academics Club of iLEAD on 20th September. This was a first of its kind event which marked the occasion of the World Literacy Day.

The event was in three parts:

The Unscripted (Ex Tempore)

In this event, participant were given the topic on spot .They were given 1 minute to think on the topic and 2 minutes to talk on the topic which was provided to them. Talha Abu Torab of BBA 1A bagged the first position while Jeet Thakkar of BBA 3A bagged the first runner's up position.

Ink Your Thoughts (Creative Writing)

In this event the topic was given to the participant 15 minutes prior to the event and 1 hour was given to write on the topic. Shreya Gupta of BMS 5A won the first position followed by Roshni Bera of BMS 3B and Yukti Verma of BMS 1A who were the first and second runner's up.

Power of Fourth Estate* (Newspaper Writing)

Here, the participants were divided in groups. While one group reported and edited, the other group took up the task of design. They were asked to make the cover page of a major event and one and half hours to complete the work. Udayan Mitra and Barsha Roy of M.Sc 3 won the 1st prize while Soni Punjabi and Pragati Agarwal won the runner's up prize.

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