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Dangal – Inter College Hindi Debate Competition

Event Date:

February 21, 2018

iLEAD celebrated the "International Mother Language Day" or Bhasa Diwas by organizing a debate in Hindi Language. This initiative was taken by the Debate Club which is a joint venture of the students and the mentors. The focus of this session was to celebrate the glory of one of the top ranked language of the world - Hindi. The session tried to create a better understanding of the language and develop a sense of pride in it. The motion of the day was- Is it possible to combat natural disasters but not manmade disasters?

There were two groups which participated in the debate. Each group had eight students and one group was speaking for, while the other was against the motion. The session was mentored by Mr. Prabhat Kumar Upadhyay who is a renowned name in the world of Medicine, Transport and Engineering for the last 37 years. He is also a renowned Hindi language translator. He has worked with mega public sector brands dealing in the field of manufacturing and business operations. The participants were given 4 minutes each to debate.

The people who spoke for the motion told that manmade disasters can be detected now with the help of advances and innovations in science and technology. They also highlighted the fact that crisis like poverty can also be pre determined through the help of modern disaster management systematics.

The students speaking for the motion also spoke about the origin of the manmade disasters which are either deliberately caused or happen due to misuse of human intentions. The examples cited in this regard were Chernobyl accident and AMRI hospital fire accident which couldn't be detected. They also spoke about terrorism and hijacking which cannot be detected. The debate session was moderated by the Mr. Gourab Chatterjee- Faculty of Management studies of the institute.

The speakers speaking against the motion talked about the fact that natural disasters can be detected while manmade disasters can't be detected. This is because nature is very unpredictable while the course of actions of human beings can be understood through the cognitive and behavioral sciences. An important point raised during the debate was that human beings commit mistakes and injustices with nature and give it the name of manmade disasters. This creates a confusion of whether nature or human beings are responsible for all the negative things happening in the environment.

Some speakers even told that schools and colleges have a separate subject of teaching known as Environmental Studies which helps the students to be cautious and knowledgeable about the strategies required to combat and control the natural disasters.

The current usage of technologies like GIS, Remote Sensing and usage of Satellite Data has also helped a lot to control natural disasters. The complete closure of manmade disasters is only possible when they are ethically balanced and can keep their greed of demand under a strict control. Nature cannot be changed but human beings through their behavior and actions with it can create chemistry so that natural and manmade disasters both can be kept to such a level which doesn't harm the natural and human resources of the world.

Mr. Upadhyay then suggested the speakers to speak what their mind says during the debate. He also requested the participating students to interchange their positions of speaking in the debate.

The people who earlier spoke for the motion were now speaking against it and vice versa. In the second round gave individual speakers were given 30 seconds and the group consisting him or her, 1 minute, to speak on the issue. Mr. Chaudhary also raised a significant point that Hindi language is in a state of continuous development and has the characteristic of taking vocabulary from all sorts of languages. He even told that Hindi being one of the most spoken languages of the world is gradually gaining the same status like English which is the topmost global language. The 1st runner up of the debate was Prakshit Gupta and Sandeep who spoke against the motion and the winner was Ritika Saha and Varsha Roy who spoke against the motion. The best speaker went to Ronodeb Bose who spoke against the motion. All the participants were presented the participation certificate by Mr. Gourab Chatterjee. The session ended with a hope that students gain confidence of speaking in Hindi and realize the importance of this language in shaping the future of the society and the nation in the global scenario.

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