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Convocation 2019

Event Date:

July 19, 2019

iLEAD organized Convocation ceremony 2019 on July 19th. While the media students had their convocation in the first half of the day, the management students had the same in the second half of the day. Both the convocation ceremonies had the theme of 'Arabian Nights 2.0' wherein the junior students enacted a drama showcasing how honesty and determination is the mantra of success. Dance performances and an award ceremony also took place during the events.


Mr. Abhishek Rege, CEO, Endemol Shine (India), presided as the Chief Guest at the convocation of media students. Dr. Saurav Roy Choudhury, Assistant Professor, Finance and Economics, Capital University (USA) had been the Guest of Honor. Mr. Pradip Chopra, Chairman of iLEAD, started off with his welcome speech to all. Addressing the students he said, "You can be only a true iLEADER when you are very selective. And you can afford to be selective. Never compromise on your ideals. Success may be delayed because of that, but it will be enduring". Dr. Saurav Roy Choudhury also suggested the students to be responsible media professionals. He said, "Media has great power and with great power comes greater responsibilities. My advice to you is to be a gatekeeper – Be unbiased, be true to yourself, follow your ethics. Be a scorekeeper - Analyze data objectively, base your reports on very viable facts and not whatsapp. And be a watchdog, so that you should be able to identify and reject conspiracy theories and fake news." Mr. Abhishek Rege also talked about the upcoming changes in the media landscape and advised students to take steps accordingly. He said, "As technologies changed, so have all the definitions of media and the kind of diversifications and options that you have. They were not there just a few years back. And the speed at which these changes are going to happen are going to be much faster down the lane. My advice is in the next 3 years just take a step back and look at what you are doing. Wherever you end up try and see how things work in the larger landscape of media." After the convocation ceremony, awards were also presented to passing out students for their achievements. Students from M.Sc and BMS batch who received trophies are -  
  •  Best Performance in Academics - Shreya Gupta (BMS 2016-2019)
  •  Best Overall Attendance - Anushka Patwari(BMS 2016-2019)
  •  Most Disciplined Student - Kritika Khaitan(BMS 2016-2019)
  •  Mentors' Choice Award - Ankita Ghosh (MSC 2017-1019) and Amarendra Nath Dubey (BMS 2016-2019)


Mr. Arun Narain Singh, Vice Chairman at Goodricke Group Ltd and Dr. D. P. Duari, Director, Research & Academic of M. P. Birla Institute of Fundamental Research, M. P. Birla Planetarium, Kolkata and Honorary Faculty, Physics Department, Presidency University, graced the convocation for the management students as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively. Mr. Pradip Chopra delivered the welcome speech. He spoke about how changes in technology have made business easier over the years. He addressed the students by saying, "You are really fortunate that you are entering your working life when the whole environment worldwide and in India is very promising. Lot of technological innovations are coming. Lot of disruptive technologies will come which will make the existing business models redundant. And that's your chance!" He also encouraged the alumni students to stay in touch with the college and talked about how iLEAD can assist students who want to take up MBA and help them to get 'preferential admissions' with 'concessions' and 'scholarships' in foreign collaborating universities. Dr. D. P. Duari talked about 'meaning of success'. He said, "Success to me is not only counted by my bank balance or by the amount of resources that I could gather through my work and efforts. Success also means how well I am recognized in the society as a good person". He encouraged the students to 'succeed in their own individual way'. Mr. Arun Narain Singh spoke on 'what makes a good business leader'. He said, "A good business leader is one who should be adored, followed and everybody should try and copy that someone. And the first and foremost thing you need is integrity and honesty. These are the primary pillars of your personality. Next thing which is very important is the innovation. The more innovative you are, the more you will be successful in life."
  •  Best Performance in Academics - Shreya Tulsiyan (BBA 2016-2019)
  •  Best Overall Attendance - Jordan Lee (BBA 2016-2019)
  •  Most Disciplined Student - Vatsala Jhunjhunwala (BBA 2016-2019)
  •  Mentors' Choice Award- Aman Jain (BBA 2016-2019)
  •  Best Contribution in Sports - Afreen (BBA 2016-2019)
  •  Best Contribution In Co-Curricular Activities - Ibrahim Ali (BBA 2016-2019)
  •  Student of the Year - RohitChaukhani (BBA 2016-2019)
The award ceremonies were followed by a group photo session, exhibition of a special farewell video, students' farewell speech, dance performances and vote of thanks. Post the convocation ceremony, students were also awarded for their achievements. Students from the management batch who received awards are -

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