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Comm Fair 2018

Event Date:

November 12, 2018

Communication is all about the science of interaction. Commfair 2018, organised at iLEAD, was an intra-college communication model fair and competition to demonstrate this science. This is the second year of the event where the first years of undergraduate and post graduate media combined their conceptual and creative minds to practically demonstrate the different models of mass communication.

"Commfair is a way to break the shackles of this stereotype that communication is all about media and journalism", said Archan Mitra, a faculty of the Media Science department who co-organised the event along with Ms Aishwarya Chatterjee, faculty, Media Science.

The chief guests at the event were iLEAD chairman Mr Pradip Chopra and iLEAD Executive Director Ms Pragya Chopra. The competition consisted of 16 teams, each presenting their communication models, which were judged by faculty members Mr Manish Das, Ms Sinjini Ghosh Bhattacharjee and Ms Nirabari Bandyopadhyay.

Each team consisted of 5 to 9 members, although special mention should go to Ms Srishti Kandoi of BMS 1B of Group 6, who presented her Osgood and Schramm's model of communication all by herself.

The models on display ranged from simple thermocol and paper structures to the use of clay models, lights, circuits and even live screens. Some of the models were inspired by recent events like the unveiling of the Statue of Unity, which was used by Group 7 of BMS 1B to portray Individual difference Theory and the Bagri market fire, which was illustrated by MSc Group 2 to explain the Lasswell's Model.

The second runners up place was shared between BMS 1A Group 1 and BMS 1B Group 5 who based their representations on Aristotle's Model and Diffusion of Innovation Model respectively, while MSc Group 1 took the first runner's up position with their Shannon Weaver model. "It was a worthy experience as we worked not only on our own model, but also got briefs about the brilliant work the others were doing. It was a great way of learning and helped us understand the subject better before the exams," said Sourik Mitra of MSc 1.

BMS 1B Group 3, was declared the winner of Commfair 2018 for their representation of Westley and MacLean's model of communication. Group presenter Mahima Barasia said, "We got our ideas from our environment itself and we chose to incorporate it in our model via posters."

Co-organiser and pioneer of Commfest, Mr Archan Mitra expressed his vision to make it an inter-college event in the upcoming year. "It will help a job oriented institute like iLEAD to further the idea of more idea-generated events rather than one way communication events," he said.

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