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Collaborative programme between students of the University of Central Florida and students of iLEAD

Event Date:

May 14, 2018

iLEAD launched a collaborative program between students of University of Central Florida and its own students. The objective of the collaborative program was to promote the interaction between the media students of both the countries in terms of showcasing their documentary and narrative films. Each team of students groups consists of two students from University of Central Florida and two students from iLEAD. The duration of the collaborative project is from 14th May till 3rd June 2018. Students from both UCF and iLEAD showcased some of their works. Both the student groups will now brainstorm and execute pre production, production and post production stages of a new film, together in the weeks to come. The students of University of Florida were led by Prof Philip Peters. Mr. Peters also appreciated the films made on diverse issues of creative and social concern by iLEAD students. During his address to the students he stated that the field of Mass Media and Film Making is such that it develops the talent and creativity through lessons learnt in the real world.

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