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Change Your Thoughts to Change Your World

Event Date:

September 19, 2018

A seminar entitled "Change Your Thoughts to Change Your World" was held at iLEAD on 19th of September. The seminar was conducted by Col. Prabir Sengupta, who served the army with years of remarkable hard work and achievements. Today he works with senior and mid level executives, budding professionals and young people, helping them build their abilities and attitude and making them aware of abundant opportunities of life. Col Sengupta's session emphasized on the impact of discipline on our health and from the very start his enthusiasm and interactive nature created a welcoming atmosphere in the iLEAD auditorium. He shared his own life stories with the students and his reasons to join the army. He spoke about three defining moments of his life and the experiences which gave the students a chill down their spine. His replies to questions like "Why did you join the army?" would most infrequently begin with the words "Naam, Namak aur Nishaan!"

Naam - Name/Reputation of your country, Name/Reputation of your Regiment or 'Paltan'

Namak - Fidelity to the salt you've partaken

Nishaan - Ensign, Flag or standard.

There should be a motivation in whatever we do and one must always ask himself/herself:

"What is the legacy that I am leaving behind?"

Our ability to rationally think differentiates us from animals and Col Sengupta's questioning of existing belief systems among many moved the audience and provoked thoughts. For instance, contrary to popular belief Mumbai stands as the second most honest city in the world.

Some of his lessons during the session were:

  • Benchmarks needs to be set
  • Lifestyle diseases shunned
  • Discipline needs to be practiced.

What does discipline to do us?

  • De-clutters our mind
  • it leaves clarity in our mind and action
  • it sets a routine and makes our life more focused

According to him - "If at all you are carrying any lesson, let it be discipline"

"Each one of you sitting here is a soldier of the nation, though not in uniform, but you are defending the name of the nation," he told the students.

The seminar ended on a note when every student asked themselves "What is my statement?"

In other words, students started on a journey with knowledge of their purpose and reasons behind them.

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