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Abhrajit Saha: With this start-up, I tried to bring a small change in the way people think

Abhrajit Saha, a student of BBA in Entrepreneurship, started off his first business in the year of 2021. His clothing brand Blacksheep Beautiful targets people aged between 16 to 35. As a senior student who would graduate this year in 2022, Abhrajit shared his experience of starting his own business along with how he managed both college and his entrepreneurial venture. 1. What prompted you to start a business? My love for philosophy is one of the reasons to start this business. People see this subject as something only a small group of people study about. I wanted to change that. I wanted everyone to atleast start talking about it because it has the potential to dramatically change people’s lives. So, I saw an opportunity available and ran with it. 2.What is your business about? Who are your target customers? Blacksheep Beautiful is a fashion brand that offers a creative alternative in the retail clothing industry where philosophy is incorporated in fashion in the form of pop designs. Our target market includes a demographic of those who are aged between 16 to 35. By spanning the generations, we tap middle-aged consumers who have disposable income and develop our relationship with younger audiences to ensure future growth and build lifelong brand enthusiasts. 3. When did you start this business? I started Blacksheep Beautiful in October 2021. 4. Any mentionable achievements in your business till date? The most significant accomplishment of Blacksheep Beautiful was validating that the product we have built is a fit with our target market. This was rightly demonstrated by engagement on our website and secondarily by growth, ideally based on word-of-mouth. 5. How does your present studies/course/college help in your business? The idea of starting a clothing company in itself is not that innovative but what makes it standout is the marketing. Making the idea stand out was no easy task, but the marketing classes in my course taught me to understand my audience and how I can creatively appeal to them. Becoming a successful entrepreneur demands creativity, innovation, and a strong execution strategy. Taking up the course of BBA in Entrepreneurship developed my entrepreneurial skills and enabled me to test launch my ideas in the class in the form of group discussions and PowerPoint class presentations. 6. How do you manage studies and business? By using my time incredibly efficiently. Google Calendar is a good friend to keep track of everything and everyone. I remember missing only five or six classes my entire time in college. Two months are left and I’m sure that my attendance will somewhere remain north of ninety percent. I gave up some partying, but the trade-off is so worth it. With this being said, I never pulled an all-nighter and made sure to party at least twice per month. I always remember Mark Twain’s favorite quote: “I never let schooling interfere with my education”. 7. Anything else that you would like to say related to your entrepreneurial experience? With this start-up, I tried to bring a slight change in the way people think. I would like all the upcoming entrepreneurs to take away a message that they look for opportunities where you can make a positive change in the world whilst developing a profitable business.

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