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5 Highest Salary Jobs You Should Check Out After Finishing Your BBA In Hospital Management

Post-covid era, the Healthcare industry in India has grown tremendously and is projected to reach $372 billion by 2022. Hence, students who are studying or have already studied by enrolling into a BBA in Hospital Management course have many advantages in building their careers.

Today, the healthcare industry includes hospitals, health insurance, medical devices, clinical trials, telemedicine, medical equipment, medical tourism, and outsourcing. Thus students can have many opportunities both in the public and private healthcare sectors. BBA in Hospital Management course in Kolkata is one of the most popular and highly professional courses. And if you are thinking of what career you should follow after finishing your BBA, then here are the top 5 highest paid jobs you should consider after your graduation.

  • Hospital Administrator

As per a recent study by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, every management occupation will grow by six percent in 2024. The Hospital Administrator runs the medical community, hospital, medical center, etc. When applying for the job, there are a few responsibilities like hiring doctors, public relations, implementing new medical procedures, developing budgets, and making sure that the security requirements for dealing with sensitive electronic data are in place.

  • Healthcare Researcher

After completing BBA, many students pursue higher education. Healthcare researcher is a perfect job for them. There students get to work with different government agencies, insurance companies, and private enterprises. They review and often create major changes in the way  people receive and pay for health care. It's a highly recommended job for students who don't want to start working right from the start.

  • Project Manager

The job or responsibility of a project manager in the healthcare sector means looking over the development of new drugs, advertisement campaigns, and assembling different teams to study all the pros and cons of new drug therapies. Pharmaceutical firms are always hiring Project Managers for their medical campaigns. Students with a BBA in Hospital Management and strong IT skills have better chances of getting a position as project managers.

  • Medical Entrepreneurship

Medical technologies are developing every day. After completing your BBA, you could easily kick start your medical technology company. Nowadays, with the huge competition on the market, it's easier to start your own business in the medical field. But it's recommended to gain some experience beforehand.

  •  Health Services Managers

The last option on this list is Health Service Manager. Their job is to make plans, manage and coordinate health services for medical practices, groups of physicians, universities, and insurance companies. Private companies and government agencies both hire people who have good communication skills and IT skills. This is one of the highest-paid jobs and is one of the most demanding jobs for students who have finished their BBA in Hospital Management in Kolkata.

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