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Six Sigma Certification in Career Development

Six Sigma training can benefit the career of a student and working professional and help them in meeting long term goals. A thorough understanding of this highly strategic tool of Total quality Management has wide applications in production and operational industries. This certification also helps to see new career possibilities where the salary potentials are high.

If we carefully look at the glorious history of Six Sigma, we can understand its diverse benefits in the world of Management and Business administration.  This concept of Total quality management was first put into practice by the famous Japanese company Motorola in 1986.  The impact of Six Sigma on the bottom line of an organization has led to it being adopted by enterprises in many different forms of industries. The success story of Mega organizations adopting this methodology has led to more people becoming certified in Six Sigma.  The question that arises in this regard is what the training can do to help somebody in his career.  The benefits in this regard are not only valuable in shaping the career of an individual but also the overall Business Intelligence architecture of the organization.

Advantages of Six Sigma training in the career of an individual

5dmaic bLearning the methods of Six Sigma and applying its methods to work life has tremendous impact on the future of business and organization. Six Sigma training improves business knowledge and analytical skills of a candidate. It also puts light on the fact that this certification improves the business within the work. A six sigma certification makes an individual stand out in the crowd.  This leads to better job opportunities and also improved salary. Six Sigma certification demands respect from executive managers of major companies. There are also practical applications of this concept from the organizational point of view which includes-

Reduction of costs

Increasing revenue

Streamlining Business process

Improving employee Buy In

7-Surprising-ways-Lean-Six-Sigma-Benefits-your-Organization-Invensis-LearningSix sigma training prepares the trainees for a leadership role. Whenever an individual or professional achieves the Six Sigma certification, he or she is not only acquainted with this important principle of Quality Management, Production/ Operations management but also with the overall dynamics of Industrial Engineering and Management. The person finishing this training is also learning the most important socio psychological invention of post modern Management Science- Change Management. Within the organization, the person having certification of Six Sigma becomes a change agent who leads the workforce in making efforts for improvement of processes and quality of product or service delivered to the customers. Six sigma statuses are also the gateway of promotion to top management level jobs. The people sitting in the apex of the organization are the policy and strategy makers for the enterprise affecting their socio- economic environment.

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