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Women Safety Workshop for iLEAD Employees

Event Date:

July 15, 2016

It is said that 'Women's Safety in India is a crumbling illusion!' While most of us would rightly agree and lament at the deteriorating state of affairs, very few would come out of the shell and deal things with an iron hand. Addressing this vital issue of the present times, Colonel Prabir Sengupta, a retired army-man and a motivational speaker and trainer, conducted a workshop at iLEAD on 15 th July on 'Women Safety'.

Better known as WOSAF, his program was meant to 'enlighten, empower and usher a change in the society'. By 'highlighting potential atrocities, the various safety measures and situation control (SITCON) techniques', Colonel Sengupta's endeavor was an eye-opener to women employees of iLEAD.

The workshop that continued for 3 hours at a stretch delved on numerous issues. Starting from National Crime Records Bureau data to legal guidelines and Special Women Rights, Colonel Sengupta addressed everything in his PowerPoint Presentation. He stressed on sexual assaults, violent relationships, date rapes, acid attacks, sexual harassment at the workplace ('quid pro quo' or something in return for something and hostile laws) and most importantly, men and their actions as potent causes of concern. Stressing on self-defense mechanisms, Col. Sengupta displayed few moves that women are bound to master in order to be safe. Utilizing body parts like the head, mouth, elbows, fists, edges of the hands, fingers, nails, knees, heels, toes and the legs as weapons can prove immensely beneficial, when odd circumstances arise. Apart from these, stocking on essentials as umbrella, key chains, belts, straws, cards (debit/credit), safety pins, clips and sprays (deodorants, pepper) and learning the art of striking the enemy at the right time with these was demonstrated before the audience. For a better idea, he supplemented with several online tutorials and videos during the course of the workshop.

The session came to an end after the first Indian Army Officer on the TED platform told women the importance of 'being aware, being alert, being safe'. This isn't the first time that Col. Sengupta stepped into iLEAD, for the institute was a second home to the ex-Visiting Faculty during his mentoring days.

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